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Mission: To create a positive learning environment based on moral values that encourages multicultural citizenship and patriotism through the implementation of national and international best practices in teaching and learning.

Vision: Our graduates-are global citizens, who communicate in three languages, think critically, respect the history of their motherland and are ready for lifelong learning.


  • Respect
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Kazakhstani patriotism and civil responsibility
  • Diligence and creativity
  • Lifelong learning

Global citizenship: The realization of being a global citizen is one who shares universal moral values with the capability to understand and critically comprehend local, national and global issues and then contributes to their solution.

Multiculturalism: Is the acceptance and demonstrated respect for culture diversity around the world and the capacity to ensure further national culture maintenance and development.

Internationalism: Recognition of all people’s equality regardless of their nationality, race or religion and the development and active promotion of friendship, co-operation and harmony between all people around the world.

Digital Citizenship is a set of digital competencies that allows responsible, safe and ethical use of digital technologies and resources in global network space.

High-quality education is a dynamic collaboration among all members of the school community with the common goal of exchanging relevant knowledge and life skills to face the ongoing challenges of modern world.