Message of the President

Comments on the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Kazakhstan’s way-2050: The overarching goal, common interests, common future”


In а message to the people of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev outlined the milestones in the development of our country for the next 30 years. The most important tasks for our country are clearly defined, they include the creation of new jobs, the modernization of housing and communal services, upgrading of industrial, social infrastructure, particularly schools and hospitalsand financial support for small and medium enterprises.

The 2050 development program actually corresponds to the concept of “green economy”. This means that by 2050 Kazakhstan will become a country with a fully balanced system of economic, social and political values.

For me personally, it was encouraging to hear that the solution of these tasks in the past year has led to an increase in economic growth: there are no unjustified price increases, also basic foodstuffs and medicines are not becoming more expensive. I suppose that maintaining peace on our land is largely driven by a wise and far-sighted policy of the President.


Duman Kuandyk, 9 “A” grade



Best education, respectable jobs and a great future!


       Nowadays, Kazakhstan is a sterling young country, a country with a big geopolitical meaning, its achievements and ambitions are accepted by the whole world. And the main thing is that our country has a great potential and prospect for development. The main goal, which is set by the Head of the country in his Message, is that by 2050 our country must be one of the 30 best developed countries in the world. In his Message the president of the country N.N. Nazarbayev set precise and achievable goals, having demonstrated one more time his global approach, depth of thinking and political farsightedness. Due to these qualities of our leader our country became a competitive and strong nation. The main goal set throughout the whole Message is to continue sustainable development in ther21st century while saving everything we’ve achieved. Now we have goals in front of us which are planned decades ahead and this means that our country has a big future.

       Our Leader notes that knowledge and professional skills – are the key points of the modern educational system and retraining of workers. Due to the politics of our country an education development program is realized, it is aimed at modernization of all levels of education – from preschool to higher education and also with the help long-term investments in the development of human potential which have formed a talented young generation.

          It’s necessary to note that a new strategy of the President of Kazakhstan has its own big meaning. Many foreign experts see Kazakhstani patriotism as a key to success of our country.

         We think that all Kazakhstani people are united in their opinion about our new strategic program of the President and they consider it to be a base for the future prosperity of our nation. The support which it’s already got from our citizens let us be sure and say that Kazakhstan and it’s peoples will have a great future.


F.N. Muкhamedyarova